“The only thing that can stop you is yourself, keep discovering the positivism in this world and what it offers, keep moving forward” -Pinanditha

“Don’t think too much about something, just let it flow and you’ll know opportunities will come your way” -Pinanditha-

“Life teaches you a lot of lesson, choose the one that can change you, motivate you, push you to become a better YOU” -Pinanditha-


“Face hardship and trial with patience and positive responses”- Pinanditha-


“Give yourself a second chance, the imperfection of a person can only be learn through a mistake and be cured through growth” -Pinanditha-


“Dilemmatic conditions occur when a person cant decide priorities in their life, not balancing their mind and heart confusion over this and that, inconsistent with their own choices” -Pinanditha-


“Human have sense of being philantropic,socially responsive in their action and others,but majority good deeds should’nt expect something in return, give everything with your heart then everything will increase your happiness”



“Excitement comes from great expectation and expectation comes from wishful thinking and hopes”-Pinanditha-

“Sometimes it takes hatred and failure for you to earn success in the end”

“People change for a reason, and whatever reason it is hopefully it’s a positive impact that lead’s for a good change”

” practice to listen more, learn to understand what others are feeling with that you’are able to reach a new ability of making others feel comfortable with you”

” Self-centered person don’t have time for others as they see themselves being the most important person above other’s, and so let them feel that life is about sharing and that everyone is equal”

“Women cry easily, but that doesn’t make them weak, in fact they are stronger because they show the expression of a true heart’s feeling and are not shy to let other’s know”

“Who defines you today, is how you grew up as a child”

” A brave women is one that got  insulted, abused, played, lied, betrayed but still moving forward, cause she believe she deserve happiness”

” It is cause of your bad words I’m motivated, It’s cause of your lies I’m a true person, it’s cause of underestimating me I became a growing person, It’s cause of your fakeness I’m aware of reality, your negative impact somehow build’s a positive spirit and motivation in me”

 You are in control of what’s happening around you, past or present the future is fresh in your hand now. We all know nobody can change the past but what’s there to regret, it happen and the only thing you could change, it’s your present and future solution. Thing’s will never change overnight, in fact it may take years for you to understand a single situation as for “why this?” and “why that?” But the point isn’t about how long you’ve learned but how much you understood it and grasp the message and are able to input that into your life positively”

” Having faith is the essence of life, it’s what life is about having faith in God, if we hold on what we believe and follow it’s principle it definitely will make everything much easier. Hold on to your beliefs and faith and embrace it every single day of your life, because it gives you guidance power and strength in facing the misery of life”


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