Love medicine (the true ingredient for true love

Love doesn’t need your attention, it seek its own attention meaning feelings will automatically grow by itself so don’t force yourself dear, it’s such a dramatic feeling it will take you miles away from the reality. Love cannot be forced or detected, it usually appear during unexpected time and place and sometimes with a surprising person.

Prepare yourself before saying “yes” or “I do” in everything, good news or bad news there is always a hurt and painful feeling in between, a true love. Because you are learning from each other’s weaknesses and accept them.

True love will do more sacrifices for something that will make you happier, it will make you feel the only species in this big world, because the way it make you feel “ special in every way”

True love doesn’t complain the way you appear, your background, race, religion, age or financial background it sees only through your eyes and the beauty of it, and of course the person you are today meaning accepting the way you are.

Real love doesn’t like to rush over things, it is very careful and caring and like taking things slowly but surely, appreciate every little thing that you’ve done and are not demanding.

True love is romantic, passionate and dedication it never takes it eyes to someone else but you, because you stole his/her heart and now it belongs to you.


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