Waterfalls in Sukabumi

The only thing that drives me to travel outside Jakarta is curiosity and peacefulness from all the hectic life in town, this time my journey takes me to Sukabumi, I decided to do my solo traveling, starting from Depok Lama I used the KRL commuter line train heading to Bogor (Rp 7000) after arriving to Bogor stasiun, I had to walk out and cross the street to transfer to another station in Bogor called Stasiun Paledang, wasnt hard to find as long as you cross the street you see a KFC just go straight ahead then you see an orange writing of the stasiun name. Luckily I was there on time since the train KA Pangrango only leaves 3 times a day the earliest is at 7:55am in the morning after having my breakfast I bought the economy ac only Rp 20,000, the executive one is 50,000. It took 2 hours from Bogor to Sukabumi, short trip and very comfortable train. My first Journey was to visit Curug Sawer and Situ Gunung known to be some of the attraction in Sukabumi. Heading to Curug Sawer took me an hour and another hour for short trek into the forest.

As you can see the waterfalls picture below



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