Exploring Hidden White Crater “Kawah Putih” in Bandung


Kawah putih or white crater is located in Ciwidey area on a mountain called Mount Patuha with its height 2386 m the distance is around 46 km 2.5 hours drive from Bandung city. Because of its mountainous location the temperature is cold there, it could reach from 22 to 8 degrees Celsius. Our journey went smooth as we followed our GPS direction and plus the signage made it easier.

Before heading we made an online survey and heard about the expensive cost of car entrance Rp150.000 per car for those bringing their own car up to the mountain, of course there are additional charge. But there are other ways you can do, most people would just park their car before the entrance, and uses a shuttle bus that goes up and down which cost Rp10.000 per person, they would have to wait until the bus is filled with a lot of people then they would start driving up. We decided to rent motorbike, as we were approach by a local who gave us a motorbike with only 60rb including tickets, which was alright, even though it cost more, but along the way up to the crater we are able to stop and take pictures.

Heading up to the crater was incredible experience, and we didn’t regret using bike we are able to witness amazing tall trees and rich jungle and the contrast green colors it was like postcard scenery. We struggled a little with our bike as the road become steeper, so we had to slow our speed. We could feel the temperature it was very cold along the way, especially when we travel with motorbike the wind just blew us away, so it’s good to wear something that keeps you warm.

When we finally reached our destination we could feel the temperature rise colder as we park our bike we walk towards the “Kawah Putih” and just before that you will see local’s offering us masker,because from a far distance we could already smell the crater, at first you will start coughing but later you get use to it. When we start walking down, “Wow” that was our first impression it was absolutely beautiful and looks just like the way it looks in pictures. You can see the contrast colours of the water crater, and the mountains around it and the rocky surrounding its feels as if you are not on a top of mountain, but like a tropical beach. As we walk further we spot the best place for photos, and we couldn’t stop taking more and more pictures as we discovered this place of beauty.

On the right side you will see there is a cave a five meters deep man-made cave that said had once been used as a sulfur mine. That mining factory was named Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. The reason why the crater was formed was because of the eruption of Mount Patuha in 10-12 A.D as you can see the soil is grey to white color , this is because it composed with sulfur.

The colour of crater can also vary depending on the sunlight; sometimes the water is green and bluish, when the weather is bright, sometimes brown. There are also a big stones around it that are beautiful. Various types of plants and animals add to the value of these sights. Some species of plants including Cantigi, Lemo, Vaccinium (typical plants of the crater area), and Eidelweis. While these types of animals that often seen include eagles, monkeys, mouse deer, wild boar, panther and leopard.

A great sweet escape, surely gives me that satisfaction of natural attractions, no wonder many couples uses this place as their pre-wedding pictures, the location and scenery are like heavens, the combination of colors, the history, the plants everything makes it a really exotic place worth visit


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