100 Islands, Philippine

My journey to Pangasinan continues to a place called 100 islands national park, located in Alaminos city, Ive heard that the place are believed to be two millions years old so this is actually an ancient coral that extent well inland. After a night in Bolinao we drove to the city Alaminos bring more people to join our trip, my friend’s relatives and some of her friend, who knows the place pretty well and helped us find a good boat. We rented a wooden speed boat and started the journey cruising towards the 100 Islands, the boat man told me that there are actually more than 100 Islands found in this place.

The weather was pretty cloudy when we arrived at the harbor, it cost around 2000pesos  to rent a long wooden boat, this boat can accommodate up to 10-15 people maximum. Heading to the Islands from the harbor takes around 30-45 min long. As we approach closer to the Island, we passed through interesting Islands with different names such as Turtle, Crocodile and Bath Island, the reason why they’re name in such way is because the way the Island looks, just like a Turtle and Crocodile those are the two Islands we passed, they are basically large rock islands with vegetations makes them look like a mushroom type appearance, we cant really stop and land on those Islands. We passed by Bath Island and I was amazed and stunned with hundreds and thousands of sleeping baths hanging on the trees in the Island. Unbelievable, gives me the chills.


There are basically 3 islands that have been developed for tourist attraction, the first one wass Governor’s Island, the first place we landed our feet on and yes it is amazingly beautiful, the color of the water is truly clear and green, the sand is pure white and what’s great about this place is that there are hills in which you can climb  and when you reach the top you’re able to see the most of the islands spread out in the sea just amazing place to take pictures, spectacular view. Governor’s island was one of the places the Big Brother Philippines took place, you’ll see a house in the Islands and with big brother board. Another interesting thing that captured my eyes was the logo that was written in the welcome board saying “Take nothing, leave nothing” very smart, makes us become aware of our environment.

After exploring such beautiful and awesome place, we continue with our wooden boat to Quezon Island, the Island is more commercial you’ll see many people swimming many water activities, restaurants ans restroom basically this is the Island to enjoy have lunch with your family and relax the whole day. We explored the whole Island, climb up hills and saw some statues. Then we continue to another Island in which I forgot the name  to swim, yes! We didn’t want to swim in Quezon Island because it was just too many people there, so we decided to stop by a much quieter Island beach to swim and just play around, explore the caves and corals are very much relaxing.

100 Islands is one of my memorable travel experience not just because of the trip and the places, its everything, its not just an Island and a beach, it’s the different characteristic you will find in each Island, its so much fun to explore and I would love to go back there.


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