Pacitan – The Unseen Surfing Spot

Klayar Beach

When I was told to explore Pacitan from my office  I wasn’t prepared or expected to see so many spectacular beaches, there are at least 4-5 beaches to name ideal for surfing: Teleng Ria Beach, Pancer Beach,Srau Beach, Watu Karung Beach

They are located not near to one another only several beaches that takes an hour drive, its best to rent a car from Yogyakarta city and drive all the way to Pacitan it’s around 3-4 hours drive, Pacitan is a small town located in the southwestern East Java Province, with Central Java Province on its west border, because of its geographic area Pacitan beaches are mostly rocky beach like the picture above “Klayar beach” this beach has its own unique feature “sea flute” you will hear a fountain that comes with sounds like a whistle, this happens when a strong waves crashes it goes upward and make the flute sound, awesome isn’t it! When we arrived there, the beach are still empty only several local’s that sells some snack food, it’s still a virgin beach and hence very clean natural water and white sand. Because of the huge wave, I was quite afraid to swim in the beach I don’t think it’s quite safe for beginner swimmer unless you are pro in surfing, but the rest of the beaches are fine.

I would highly recommend people who love surfing to come and see this true nature for itself, you can travel to Yogyakarta by air from Jakarta or Malaysia then rent a car to drive to Pacitan, there are not much stars hotel there, but nice local guesthouse and small motels are available with budget and reasonable price, but that should not be a problem since you would probably spend most of your time enjoying the beach.


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