Stages of Life – Self-Development


By: Pinanditha

I always believe life is a process of self-maturity for every human beings in this amazing planet of us, just like how we witness how a product becomes mature and over a certain period starts to decline I believe this theory works the same for everyone of us as a person, for their personality & growth and how life teaches them something, and how it can change someone instantly.

This is the 5 stages of personal growth

I created 5 stages of life growth, this again starts with how we grow, from a baby into a matured adult but the process between one stage to another varied from person to person some may experience a longer progress of learning & Exploring and little time for curiosity & self ego, all this stages are related to one another and this is how I see it.

Stage 1: Innocence & Purity

We are all born an innocent baby, not knowing anything at all we came to this world as a new born baby waiting to soon develop into a matured person, our innocence brings us zero sins and zero mistakes anything that we do despite our “innocence” a baby can never be guilty in making a mistake because of its purity, originality and its nature. And it is in this stage that our internal environment meanings the core family effects a baby greatly, everything starts with its family and how the mother starts nurturing the baby.

Stage 2: Learning & Exploring

As we grown into a young child, we start learning new things both our family and friends starts to teach us new things, new methods, how to do this and that, this is the stage where we start learning how to survive in this life, learning the basic needs of life, walking, talking, writing, reading, socializing, communicating, making new friends etc

Stage 3: Self Control & Confidence

When we become matured, we learned the basic of life we build self confidence and self-control we are no longer dependence on others, we become a matured independent person. We started making our own decisions and path because of all the knowledge we get in the earlier stage, our self esteem increases and people around us the society are able to accept us, because of our basic human behavior. We did what others did before.


Stage 4: Curiosity & Self Ego

When someone becomes matured enough, the basically think they know everything human always crave for more, our curiosity keeps on building up, then you realize enough is never enough and you keep asking and craving and searching for more answers, this is the stage where some people lost control of their self and cross the borders. They felt so secure with they life until they take advantage of everything around them without being grateful and realizing that life is a process and will always be a process until we understands it in the end. Everyone have their own alter ego, and everyone wants to be the best of human which we know nobody and I mean nobody is perfect. It is normally at this stages hardship strikes us, when we feel we are up their sky high then calamity strikes. It could be anything starting from financial problems, work loss, grieve, or health issues you name it.

Stage 5: Reflections & Change

When a person reach their stage of self ego, feeling pretty much centered and refused to acknowledge its surrounding and the people around them, something happen to change them and I believe this hardship is a lesson to be learned to all of us to appreciate life more. Having fun is of course okay, people deserve happiness in this world but we too also need to be sensitive and understand that we are all human beings, we socialize, we need one another, we are all created to care for one another to leave our alter ego. Hardships and calamities are there to change us, to teach us a lesson of life and to be aware that life is a process and we have to make sure we make the right decision and would benefit ourself and people around us.


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