Recovering, Recharging and Re-routing


It’s been more than a month mother has been hospitalized, she is healing and doing a slow recovery post-stroke. We are all waiting for her return home where we all can unite as a family again, but her physical abilities needs a quick progress such as learning how to swallow and sit, her left arm and legs can’t hardly move and still in pain her physical therapist are giving her some exercises to do. Meanwhile at home we are making several renovation, painting, moving our book shelf, expanding rooms, removing old items perhaps making a garage sale, my house look like a total mess like seriously! Lol we are preparing for mothers room making bigger and decorating it with better facilities such as LCD TV, and air-condition.

You sometimes never realize how life could change drastically in a short period of time, you realize all this time you’ve been in a comfort zone and not been preparing for the worse outcome and try to fix and find best solution. This whole month surely been an eye opener for all of us especially for my family, I’m happy that we still work as a team, giving each other understanding and support, we’ve been taking turns in watching mother in hospital, cleaning and taking care of home. You realize that time goes so fast you won’t realize it, because of all the things you got to do. Despite all the exhaustion , less sleep and sickness that occur to all of us, we just gotta keep moving forward life goes on, what happens in past just happened now we find solution, work as a team and give each other positive feedback. One important motivation is that we all have to give our very best.

My work definitely been affected by this, calling for sick, taking many leaves and so on not to mention being emotionally driven and couldn’t fully concentrate, but my bos and workmates has been quite understanding and I’m grateful for it. Well, the journey is still long,  but we are preparing it for both the good and worse, I miss traveling a lot, well maybe I would but couldn’t leave mama for long but a nice quiet escape would be needed, hopefully soon I could bring mother travel with us.

All this time I’ve been planning where to go where to go, but I realize im thinking of rerouting to a much better place, a place only my heart knows that could me and around me a greater spiritual journey. Rerouting not only in destination but in my style of living, include eating, I have to cut the cabs and eat less rice, maintain a healthy and fit body, leaving all the junks and poison foods and drinks. Be more adventurous…

What’s next? We are all healing, both my mother and my family we have been afflicted with calamities not to mention how expensive the cost of medication, we are lucky to be using health insurance (ASKES) that supports more or less 80% of the total cost, you won’t believe how much the total cost is more than 150,000,000 Rp. I think financial management is important right now we have to be careful and give cautions to priorities in our spending.

But in the end, I still can put a smile in my face, I’m happy to be by her side that’s the most important thing right now is to be there for her, love and care for her. Give her the ultimate attention and motivation, we are still lucky yes mother is lucky person, she is so high spirited I can see it from her eyes, how much she want to be back on foot, how she move and pull and try so hard to raise from her bed, I tell her never stop believing mom…miracles do happen God always hear our prayers and He surely can see how brave and strong you are, and that your patience have gave you more power. Never stop fighting, she is my ultimate hero….always and forever


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