Reclaim your heart – A great book for all

I just bought a very nice book “Reclaim your heart” from the author Yasmin Mogahed, this is a book of personal insight and self development. I first notice this book while browsing online about great quotes from amazing authors so I came across this book. After reading just a few quotations I already fell in love with it, I told myself I must have a copy of this book. Sadly, the book isn’t available in my country Indonesia, I’ve tried calling several bookstores, browsing online book availability in my country and so the only way is to buy it online, so I did it through it took more than 10 days to arrived, but it was worth the wait.


The book consist of 7 chapters which I haven’t finished reading yet, they are different random topics that are basically related to one another, the first chapter talks about attachment why human are attached to certain things or to someone and how important it is to let go (detachment) not to be emotionally involved with a thing or someone and that we should only trust and believe in God. The 2nd chapter talks about love, the definition of love that we know this days are basically misinterpreted in a means that love should not change who you are, should not make you miserable and cry, all this heartbreaks feelings are not true love and don’t be in a prison of love if it makes you further away from the true love from God, and that our love should be greater to the Creator only and not the creation. I find this book very inspiring and touching with great writing, true and straight to the point. The author really talks from her heart the with truth and honesty why some people until this very moment cant handle calamities because emotionally drowned with the worldly matters. In short, we should basically learn to have a new concept of life understanding our main purpose in life, to seek happiness, too improve our self spiritually and emotionally with only one aim and focus to God.

I would recommend any one at all ages or different backgrounds to read this nice book, it can really heal the pain of human emotion trying to understand the reality and its aim, I will continue giving more reviews about this book when I finished it, so far I really enjoyed reading it cause it also remind myself to be strong and build a bigger foundation about life, to prepare what’s coming and to understand there is a reason behind some tragedy or situation, and that no matter how big the problem and how deep the pain is, it will pass away, its only temporary your sadness will not be forever, cause everyday we are given another chance to reflect make a better action in life.

To be continued


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