Exploring Pelabuhan Ratu- South West Coast of Java


Our office team had excursion day, we went for another rafting adventure in Citarik river Sukabumi located around 4 hours from Jakarta. There are many rafting options in Sukabumi such as Magnet Adventure, Caldera and Arus Liar among the famous one, if you are looking for a weekend getaway from Jakarta and want to get fun in water with a mix of adventure, I believe rafting is the best choice. The minimum person is 4 people per boat excluding the guide it is better to call and book a trip they got many choices depending on your needs. We normally do the 2 hours rafting which is 9km, but due to the bad weather we only had options to do it for an hour 5 km.  Rafting is so much fun and are recommended for everyone at all age, its pretty safe nothing to worry about, as long as we follow guide rules and stay in line. The Citarik River has huge stones and that’s what makes it much fun, I have to say 1 hour is not enough for me! But its very refreshing! You also get a free lunch and welcome drink and also nice coconut drink after your rafting hours. I must admit the lunch are very delicious Sundanese food, with fruits, crackers, soup, chicken and some Indonesian local salad (Karedok)


After lunch, we headed straight to the south coast to find some nice beaches for surfing or in our case body surfing. Pelabuhan Ratu are also known for its amazing beach and waves for surfing, a popular one among surfers around the world. We saw several beaches such as Cimaja beach this particular beach have no sands on the beach all of them are stones so I guess its quite dangerous and difficult for newbie who wants to learn surfing, when we arrived the waves wasn’t quite good the wind was to high, so we decided to just do a bit of sightseeing before proceeding to other beaches nearby Ocean Queen resort. Our best moment spent was on Sunset beach, there are a hotel called Sunset Hotel just in front of the beach, very nice budget price ranging from 45-50USD with aircon and bathtub, this two storey building just recently renovated and are all facing to the beach.



What to enjoy in sunset beach? Well since the name is sunset beach it is most certainly have the perfect view of sunset, and its TRUE! The sunset are amazing, here are some few shots I took, you can see as the colors changes from yellow, orange to pink and purple, we spoke to the locals living here and they got 2 very cute dogs, their sun is a surfer. So I guess in Pelabuhan Ratu Sunset Beach is one of the best beach to surf, other than this one Cimaja Beach, Karang Sari Beach and Karang Aji Beach are also known for surf beach. After watching the sunset we went straight back to Jakarta taking the road to Sukabumi then Bogor then Jakarta its quite a bumpy road but the whole adventure was really worth it.


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