The Travel Therapy

People travel for different reason, but one reason people don’t really talk about is the benefits the deeper meaning inside of each traveler purpose, especially when they travel alone.

In search of new place and environment, moving from their current situation to a new place to refresh their thoughts, release their stress or even trying to forget a certain problem that’s happening recently. Many people know this for a “sweet escape” escaping from the hustle and stress of daily work, or other personal problems.

That’s why I name it the Travel Therapy, this is for the therapy of mind and heart other than benefiting the eyes it gives a new meaning to their minds and heart, the kind of benefits and the invisible medication is as mention below

1. Relax state of mind

Travelling to remote areas, such as Islands, mountains and other kinds of nature tourism that are quiet, not densely populated much secured and far away from city, helps a person loosen up from their tense mind. The amazing scenery lighten up a person mind, enjoying nature and its power makes us realize how small we are compared to this giants beauty of waterfalls, blue turquoise beach, green forest and high mountains.

2. Re-energized

After feeling relax, travelling makes us grasp more energy both inside and outside makes our body healthier and our mind refreshed. The sound, the sight the feeling of panorama beauty gives us better energy from all the elements in this world to become stronger both physically and mentally, this also involves the new people we met, the locals, their smiles and laughter’s, stories reflect to us in a form of new energies.

3. Motivation Stimulus

When our body and mind are relax and filled with new energy, we became excited full of power and new hopes and this stimulates motivation into our self. We became interested in rebuilding something new, makes us feel creative and reborn after seeing other parts of the world, witnessing other culture, tradition and experiencing their way of life.

4. Stable Condition

Travelling can take few days, months and even years depending of each traveller’s budget and also their purpose, but in the end after the long or short “escape” coming back home, we gained new stable condition with our self a good and stable condition helps a person to make better decision in future, it creates a better vision of what we want in life and where we want to go and most probably have found a new solution to their current problem, they became more prepared to face whatever might face them.

I believe we all travel for a reason, but the best reason would be to travel not only for the experience but to come back becoming a better person than we are before, filled with new energy, relax and motivated!

By: Pinanditha


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