Bali amazing surf spots


I decided to visit Bali again in January 2013, I always consider Bali as my first option for a sweet escape from work. This time my short trip will be a bit different. I met my friends  in Bali a surfer from the US and have been talking alot about the amazing surfing spots in Bali. This is probably my 4th time visiting the Island of Gods Bali and I have to say that Bali has become so crowded and commercial especially in Kuta, legian area.

South Bali 


We decided to visit south of Bali or known as Uluwatu in Pecatu area it takes around 30-45 min to go south of Bali from airport, in Uluwatu you will find great surf spot which are known world wide, the famous one is  Uluwatu beach or sometimes they are called “Suluban” beach located a few minutes from the Uluwatu Sea temple, you will have to walk down with many stairs  you’ll find alot of surf shops ready to rent surf boat with a price of Rp100,000-150,000/hour very expensive! i would recommend surfer to either bring their own surf board or rent in a surfshop in Kuta when we arrived the waves looks pretty good but my friend Joe had difficulty in reaching towards the middle of the sea to reach the waves he got pulled out to the beach again and again, i guess the wind was too strong, i guess if you are still a beginner in surfer its going to be quite hard



Suluban Beach

Another famous one is Dreamland beach, which have been very much destroyed by the increasing number of apartment, hotels buildings, the area 2 years back when i visited was still so quiet there were little tourist visiting the area, but now! sadly it becomes too crowded and too many tourist.




Dreamland beach

We also visit “Padang Padang beach” a famous beach from the movie Eat,Love & Pray by Julia Roberts, the beaches located very near to each other,  you will find big rocks and walk down very long stairs to reach this beach, what i like about beach in Uluwatu is the white sand beach, the beach have bigger waves compared to the one in Kuta, Legian areas. The formation is also spectacular high cliffs and rocks.



Padang Padang Beach

The other surf spot beaches would be Balangan beach and Bingin beach, those two also located not fat from eachother, we stayed in Balangan Garden Bungalow, i’ve been surveying online about this place, i search about it and I’m very impressed to stay there, it was a nice area to place to stay, far away from the crowds, it cost from Rp350,000-400,000/night including breakfast, you get a private bungalow, with semi outdoor shower! awesome! I would recommend renting a scooter as your ways of transportation, you can actually walk down to the beach in Balangan, but it gets pretty dark after sunset and lots of wild dogs everywhere, so I guess renting a scooter would be the best! Balangan beach are also beautiful great waves, not crowded perfect for surfing!

From South Of bali, we move to east of bali

Gianyar, Keramas Beach

We met another surfer friend who told us about the great waves in Keramas beach, so we headed there. we found a nice, budget accomodation at Nirmala Guesthouse located just 3 min walk down to the beach. What makes this place perfect is the ricefield scenery, the guesthouse is located in the middle of the ricefield and cornfield, and because its close to the beach you can also hear the sound of the beach, its cheap staying there with a price ranging from Rp 200,000-400,000 most of the guesthouse have no aircon, you dont really need it, probably when u sleep at night, there is a outdoor shower as well.

Keramas is a black sand beach, quiet not crowded and many surfers especially beginners visit this places, it a great place to learn how to surf, I must say even though im not a surfer but watching them and the view its simply spectacular


Sunset @ Keramas Beach


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