Visiting the mighty Mount Krakatau – Rakata Islands


We had a short visit from Norway and wanted to take her for a day trip to explore Mount Krakatau, we start from our office in Depok, Cinere and drive by car to Jakarta-Merak toll road we accidentally took the wrong entrance toll, it would be much faster from Tangerang heading to Merak toll rather than going through the traffic jam in Jakarta city. It was indeed a long and tiring journey, not as we planned we started around 1 pm and when we reached Cilegon area it was already 6pm the worse part was that they are fixing the road, so we had to use one road and that causes longer traffic. After our long journey from Depok to Anyer we finally rested at our resort, the mutiara cottage resort with a beach front view heading to the ocean.


The next morning we left early around 8am travel by speedboat from Mutiara Carita, we rented the boat from Carita to Krakatau and then proceed to Tanjung lesung. The journey took 1.5hours from Carita to Krakatau, we were lucky enough that even though during the rainy season we manage to get sunny weather. The first thing you will see when travelling to Krakatau, you will first notice the Mother of Krakatau a bigger mountain and not active, this mountain was  a place of legend in the volcanic history of the modern world, Krakatau’s, or Krakatoa’s, colossal eruption back in 1883 killed approximately 40,000 people. We are heading to Krakatoa’s child located not far from the Mother Krakatau, as we reached the black sandy beach we can smell already the strong sulphuric acid, mount Krakatoa is more or less 800m not that high, but it is still growing, walking up Krakatoa is quite steep, you kinda have to stop in the middle take some rest and enjoy the view, sometimes the smell could be quite strong, but its really worth it to walk up the Anak Krakatoa’s lil mountain the view are spectacular on the your right you can see the Mother Krakatau, and the other small island which we call the Rakata Island.


After all the pictures and exploring the mountain we heading onward to Tanjung lesung, around 2 hours by speedboat. I must say it is indeed a must visit to witness the mighty mountain Krakatoa, standing on top of its a special feeling, we met other visitors from Europe as well. It is best to start travelling in the early morning to you get a better view of the Mountain and heading back before the high waves due to the heavy rain in Carita.



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