My first training seminar of Tour & Travel Operation – ASITA West Java


I was invited by ASITA to attend a 3 day training seminar at Hotel Bumi Wijata in Depok, they are having a Tour operations training specifically for west java member of ASITA. I havent been so active in association but since they successfully persuade me to come because its FREE and they can provide ACCOMODATION so i dont mind going, I saw the seminar subjects and found it very interested topics to be shared, so i decided to go

From office to the hotel i thought it would take around 30 min or so, but it ended up almost an hour with no traffic. As i arrived, knowing nobody i just went straight to the room they offer me lunch, but i was still full and so i went directly to the meeting room.

I must say its been an interesting and great experience, I came there thinking i’ll be alone and knowing nobody, but i ended up having a bunch of awesome and funny people around me, we became close and shared so many good things. The tour and travel agency became close, and they are not as bad as i think i think we all share the same feeling and mission

About the training, i was satisfied with the information i even wished there were more interesting topics, the negative side is some of them showed too much statistics. But overall i find it very helpful and informative i get to learn many things i didn’t know how to create a tour package, how to be creative and work in a team, how to calculate your tour quotation all the valuable basic skills that i need to know, i was happy 🙂


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