Exploring beach in Thousand Island, Jakarta

Our journey starts at 8am, our meeting spot is at dermaga 6 in Marina Ancol, it took miraculously only 45 min from Pamulang my home, I arrived quite early 6am i started going around 5am my Taxi arrived on time yay!, but waiting in dermaga 6 for 2 hours can get quite boring, I had a cup of coffee and bread to kill my time.

I was sent by my company to explore great beach resort in Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) with my office mate Sonia, she have been to several Islands more than one time, but for me it is my first time experience so I’am both excited and impatience.

As we waited more and more passenger coming many from companies, some tourist and government personnel  most of them leave earlier than us,we were the last to departure from our boat I guess. And so our time of departure was on 8am, we had medium speedboat”predator with 20 people in it, 600 HP quite fast, we sat outside because we love the view. As we know the trip suppose to be 1.5 hours but it ended up 2.5 hours the reason being we had to drop all these passengers to their Islands, starting from Tidung Island, Kelapa Island, Macan Island then Sepa Island (our main destination)

After 2.5 hours sitting in a speedboat, and understanding out limited time in Sepa Island we had to rush to rent our small boat to survey the neighbouring Islands, we we’re supposed to survey Pantara, Macan, Putri and Pelangi Island, but only managed to survey 4 islands including Sepa it self, Pantara Island being the furthest Island of thousand Island has restricted entrance so we couldn’t visit the Island and also because of its distance which takes approx 30 min with our small boat (250 HP)

1. Tiger Island (Pulau Macan)

Before surveying we already hear great reviews from visitors in TripAdvisor especially our celebrity chef icon Farah Quinn who herself have stayed and recommended the place as well, so we headed there to experience ourself the real treat the island has to offer. Tiger Island is not far from Sepa, it takes 10 min by boat, as we arrived we were welcomed with great hospitality, we took a short tour around the Island and saw the amazing eco-hut design room, the interior are stunning, and the room view are just magnificent it’s like having the Island for yourself, Tiger Island only has 8 accommodations but one cottage could fill into 10 people, these island charge per person instead of per night, which included all water activities, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only one type of cottage has its own bathroom, the rest they got separate bathroom (outside the accommodation)  I can tell that Tiger Island have a totally different theme, they really shows their “back to nature” living style” with no aircon in room instead using fan, limited lamps, using more candles. The cottage are not all fully covered or closed  by ceiling wall, wood, they have wooden curtain where you can open and close it anytime.

The atmosphere in Tiger Island, is incredible you kinda feel like you are one big family in the Island, makes you feel intimate yet private, the staff and the chef are very friendly and informative, they guide us even to the owners room. In the restaurant they got 1 pool table, sofa for reading, free flow drinks, not far from there is an bar and outdoor dining table facing straight to the amazing ocean view. Tiger Island doesn’t have white sand beach, but it has its own small island across that offers white beach sand which is free anytime you want, the staff will take you there.

2. Putri Island (Pulau Putri)

We continue our journey by boat to putri Island, as we arrive there, the security wasn’t that friendly, even though we already called the marketing office in Jakarta, he still ask us for a letter for confirmation, which is weird when i called the office the person said i could just go there and meet with the front office person. After a while he let us in and we met with Gusti the front office and he refer us to his staff, to take us a tour around, Putri Island is a big Island, it has many shops, and facilities such as meeting room, tennis court and also swimming pool, most of its cottages have beach view. and what surprises me as well there are many monitored lizard wandering around hahaha, i guess they are all friendly, as them live them freely around. The rooms have more amenities, hot water, air con, dispenser etc

3. Sepa Island (Pulau Sepa)

We took the Day tour package (798.000 rupiah) Sepa Island is also big, got great sandy beach, the cottages we saw are beach cottages. We had time to eat lunch at the restaurant, the food is quite standard, good taste for a hungry tummy like us. The staff are not as friendly as in Tiger Island, but they welcome us as well. The restaurant staff are more friendly than the front office staff, Sepa Island are equipped with diving center as well, many people take their diving certificate in Sepa Island.

I must say that, I would prefer to stay overnight in the island then taking a day tour package because the price is much worth staying overnight, taking the day trip is really not worth it, because when we arrive in the Island is around 10.30am then the boat will head back to Jakarta 14.00pm, this means you only spend 3.5 hours in the Island, there is really nothing much to do in so little time, you still have to eat your lunch.

And it is best to travel there during dry/summer season, November is the starting month of rainy season, and it becomes no fun when every afternoon there’s heavy storm and rain.

4. Pelangi Island (Pulau Pelangi)

After Sepa we headed to Pelangi Island our last Island to explore, it only takes 3 minutes by speedboat, the Island is very near you can actually see it across . What makes this Island different than the rest is the Mexi plant, it is planted everywhere, this plans has two colour green and purple. I like the restaurant interior it has an opening in the middle with view of the sea water, the beaches are not as clean as the other Islands, and the cottages are pretty spacious, Pelangi Island has more greens in it, more forest and trees compare to the other Island. But very quiet, they use this spot for diving practice as well.

Heading back to Jakarta, our predator speedboat is waiting for us, exactly 2am, we headed back to Marina Ancol, stopping by again to several Islands taking us approx 3 hours back. Arriving in Jakarta heavy rain and storms.


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