Taman Gua Sunyaragi


In central java, a city name Cirebon 4 hours by train from Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia I’ve discovered a fascinating ancient architecture that brought goose bumps to my whole body. It is called The Taman Gua Sunyaragi or Sunyaragi Cave one of the cultural heritage of Cirebon city, when I first arrived at the spot, the entrance looks quite unattractive and simply boring but the outside matches nothing compared for what’s inside.  I would highly recommend you to hire the local guides that are already waiting for you in the entrance gate, their knowledge are useful and interesting to hear and they speak pretty fluent English too. Not many people realize the amazing place this is, not even the local’s as well.

This Sunyaragi garden and cave has been standing since the 17th century, during the Kingdom era, and its purpose is a place for meditation for the King’s family. It has an interesting architectural design, diverse structure influence by the Indonesian classical, with the ancient Chinese, and also a mix of the Islamic and European features as well. The Sunyaragi garden and cave is 15 hectares in size. During the ancient time it use to be surrounded by water and its location near to Lake Jati


2 thoughts on “Taman Gua Sunyaragi

  1. Lynn

    Hello there!

    I’m Lynn from Singapore. Currently, I’m studying architecture at the National University of Singapore and I chanced upon your post while doing research for my essay on Southeast Asian history. So far, its been difficult finding information on Taman Sunyaragi and if possible at all, if you managed to get a pamphlet with the site plan of the gardens could you please email it to me? It would help so much with my research!

    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hello Lynn, thanks for your interest in Taman Gua sunyagari, I will try my best to give you information about the site, i was there 2 years ago, while surveying Cirebon city, if you got the chance to come to Indonesia, we could go there and have a better look…i will email you soon

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