Namibia- A true adventure experience

For those who’ve been traveling to Namibia knows for sure that this country have so much adventure,natural attraction and culture to explore, Namibia is 70 % savannah with extensive grasslands and acacia bush, it is not just a Kalahari desert land in the South West Africa, but it is the land of of the brave, just as it stated in the national anthem. Namibia is surely a sunny place, with 300 days of sunshine in average. It is best to travel during the winter holiday which is June- September, don’t get surprise when you travel to Namibia during winter season and experience -1 °c temperature; yes it gets freezing cold down here as well.

What I love about Namibia is the wilderness, the game reserve, the biltong, the Himba tribe and much more, if we go to the northwestern part of Namibia, you will find Swakopmund and Walvis Bay as one of the main tourist attractions. Swakopmund a city on the coast used to be the main harbor for the German-South West Africa, people normally go there during summer time to experience the colder temperature. Swakopmund beach are cold, people would swim but very few the sunset is beautiful to watch, or if you’re into collecting sand stones, Swakopmund beach have very attractive sand stones.

Walvis Bay is actually one of the natural harbors with large bays and sand dunes, and one of my favorite things to do is quad biking in sand dunes. This is surely a lifetime experience, quad biking can be dangerous for beginners with no experience therefore it is important to stay in line and follow the guide, people could fall off since the roads could be very steep, quad biking is definitely “to do list” there are other activities you can do such as sand boarding, skiing even camel rides, if I’m not mistaken the movie Tomb rider actor Angelina Jolie shot the movie there.

Another exotic place to visit is Etosha National Park located in the far north around 8 hours drive from Windhoek, one of my favorite and memorable place to visit, I truly experience the real Africa being out in the middle of nowhere watching all these cute and wild animals wanders freely in its natural surroundings I mean a real safari adventure, I remember one time our car got hit by “Kudu” Namibian Antelope our car almost broke down, we also saw elephants and giraffe walking passed our glass windows, and groups of cheetah sleeping. And just before reaching sunset we must be back to our lodge, and at night we watched all these animals gathering at the water dam, and we would have to sit very quiet not to disturb these animals, all you hear is the sound of these animals calling each other, drinking or hear a zebra fart. I remember one night heading back to bungalows, we were followed by fox we were amazed and ended up chasing the poor fox just like Tom and Jerry, hehe. If you’re an animal lover just like me, Etosha is a true wildlife adventure that you should experience.

The Namibians tribes varies their are the Owambo, Damara, Herero, Kavango, Himba, Nama, Coloureds, Rehoboth Basters, Bushmen, Tswanas and the Whites, if you’ve seen the movie “The Gods must be crazy” a 1980 record breaker movie in the country, famous for its coca cola bottle falling from the sky, that describes “the bushmen” tribe in Namibia, another famous tribe is the Himba tribe an ancient tribe based in Kunene region, I never visited that place but my parents and brother have and looking through their picture can tell that the Himba tribe have retained their cultural heritage the same way till today just like in the movie “The babies” about four babies from 4 different cultures, one are from the Himba tribe it is so unique, interesting and great experience.


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