A Picture Paints a Thousand Words – Practice Makes Perfect!


Traveling and photography are two words related to each other. What’s the purpose of traveling when you’re not capturing the magnificent moment and share to the people what your eyes have witness. Sometimes what we see through our eyes and through our lenses are different, when our eyes capture an image through the camera lenses, it is a definite focus on a certain object, and that object becomes the center of attraction and nothing else around it matters but the object that we are focusing. I’ve always loved looking at photography especially travel and nature, each picture indeed worth a thousand words.

ImageWhen you travel and start taking pictures of the object you think is a great set for photography, you will get surprise how much a picture actually looks like when you sit down on your laptop and start looking at it one by one. Sometimes you get amazed by every shot that you took, after editing and realizing the beauty of each picture in the end you’ve just created a masterpiece of your own, a moment in life that others may not have seen it yet and that’s what attracts their eyes, a beautiful picture.


As a beginner in photography, I learn to take picture in a boring set or not so attractive places and from there I try to focus on the positive part of that “not so beautiful” and change them into a fascinating image, an image that you never get bored of.

For me photography is a state of art, its creativity, ideas and emotions, and its reality unless some picture can be edited too of course. Be true and honest with your picture, if you want to edit it into a stronger colour and contracts image no harm in that, focus on upbringing the natural beauty of each image. For every picture I look at different angles and sizes you will need your intuition and creativity in this senses.


Photography is fun and it’s something that I enjoy doing while traveling, just love to see the expression of people seeing my pictures it’s a good way to attract tourist and visitors who loves traveling from each part of the world. Having this great opportunity to travel to places people never visited, it’s an honor and a privileged that I get from my current work. You just to make every moment of life special, and don’t miss any opportunities if it’s in front of you take it, learn from it and just do it! everyone can learn anything, there are just no limits as long as you do it with full heart.


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