Mabuhay Philippines | Bestfriend visit!

“ OMG it’s so HOT !!!”

“I need Buko Shake” @Mall of Asia

“Please more chilli’s” @Mang Inasal restaurant

“Salamat po” @ Everywhere

“I can see the ocean, now where the hell is the beach?!!! @Lost in Batangas Marini

“We are lost, kuya drive down the beach is not up in the hill “ @Marini

One of the best feelings is excitement and seeing your bestfriend after years apart should be super excited and very comforting! Ninie and I know each other since 2002 back when we were still in high school in Windhoek, Namibia. We had a blast! Life as a teenager for some people could be stressful but for us it was absolutely fun fun fun! I last met her when she visit me in Indonesia in 2008, and now after 4 years she finally coming to Philippines to visit me wohoo!


She is flying with Air Asia from Kuala lumpur, taking a morning flight (to early morning I guess lol) and since Air asia is not landing in Manila little Ninie had to take the bus ride to Manila around 2 hours drive, and me on the other side have no clue where the hell this bus stops in Manila, did my research! Aha I found it, riding with LRT heading to EDSA and then from there I depend on my own intuition hahaha! Well from the map it’s located near the LRT station (Pasay Victory Liner) I suppose it’s a walking distance and so I walked in the packed traffic of human lol. I didn’t dare to take out my phone and see the map, so with my “fake” comfortable look I just walked straight ahead….too straight that I felt this is not humanly possible to walk, the road is getting wider, the pedestrian is getting very small it felt as if I walked in a toll road and all the HUGE cars was driving towards my direction, so I stopped and asked the police and surprisingly I just passed the place like So far! With my yellow umbrella (extreme heat of sun) I walked back towards the gas station coz the terminal is nearby. One important fact that I know is that in Manila you would have many terminal station, its not like they have one big terminal station with all kinds of bus, but its the opposite each company own bus have their own terminal station, so there you go!

So I waited in the bus terminal, feeling worried lol cause I didn’t want her to get lost in a foreign country and since im also a foreigner here I want to make sure she is safe. Took a while since I realize I was waiting at the departure station (silly me) and she was waiting at the arrival bus station, duh! No wonder we didn’t see each other, but then when the bus left! Just like in those bollywood movies except this one maybe a lil bit like Mr. Bean!I saw her across the road and we were screaming of excitement running toward the middle of the road in the HOT weather, and when we finally hugged eachother I accidently twisted my ankle and fell down and it was so painful!! But I quickly got up again come on in the middle of the road with all those people starring at you! Jthaa…I was like a fool hahaha, so we took taxi heading home for rest.


Later that afternoon we ride to one of the biggest mall in Philippines oh wait South East Asia! Seriously I’ve been here many times but get lost many times!!! You get so tired it’s like you’re not walking in mall anymore it’s like a whole cluster of neighbourhood or a small town, only with aircon lol well we walked and walked and explored the whole mall, decided we are extremely tired and maybe a movie would make us relax abit, so we watched Prometheus, I love the whole movie effect! But story kinda lame about human trying to seek it’s creator and the creator is an Alien LOL! Mall of Asia is a great place to hang out, the place is so huge u get all u want there, plus the bay is great!


Intramuros is known to be an old city in Manila with Spanish architecture influence, great historical buildings we went to fort Santiago to witness the place and history of assassination of Hose Rizal one of Philippines national hero, after that we walked around and visit the famous San Agustin church took some photos and thats when we met our kuya with tricycle offering us a short city tour around Intramuros with affordable price hey why not! Sounds cool!, so off we go with his cute green tricycle holding his tourist map, we went from one building to another…well it’s more or else just buildings, statues etc etc was too many of them we even ended up walking into a wedding venue, even a governmental office haha well I think the Kuya really wanted us to visit all office buildings as well LOL! After a tiring day we headed for lunch in the nearest SM mall.


A nice hangout, modern place remote place far away from the main traffic and city hustle a dinner or coffee is a must. We came here to meet an old friend of ours from Philippines named Victoria which Ninie also met during her stay in Namibia, we had dinner at market market nice semi outdoor foodcourt that offers also fresh supermarket. Our meeting is crazy! Yes it is! We were filled with excitement, stories of life, love life, career etc etc…oh ya and of course remembering our great times in Windhoek. Aah those we’re the days! There are also awesome water fountains, me and ninie had our moment there took some crazy videos and photo shoot!


This was a prepared trip and I’m super excited as always! It takes us 1 hour and 30 min to reach tagaytay, its basically a volcanic mountain “Taal Volcano” we stopped and had a lunch with magnificent view of the volcanic mountain and it happened to be a strong windy lunch! But we manage to still keep our tummy full, moving on…


After Tagaytay, we planned to see some beaches in batangas I’ve heard there are great beaches there well at least is the nearest beach around Manila, it took us 2 hours drive from tagaytay to batangas, reaching the city we headed straight to the sea/ocean to explore the beach, hours have passed by and seems like we are not reaching our destination and ended up being abit lost up in the hill, but the view was beautiful up there as well, we were in the Marini area searching for beach but the road lead us nowhere but going up and downhill, so since we didn’t want to waste more time we decided to head back to Manila.


Today we are just going to relax around manila, I’m taking ninie to explore the metropolitan city of Manila and of course the mall located in Makati city they are all inter-connected, the malls are Glorietta, Landmark, Greenbelt and SM malls, several hours later going around every mall sitting in the park and garden. Eating and chatting in every food court we are simply out of ideas what to do hahaha, took pictures and just talk. We had dinner in Spaghetti factory and talk and talk til we are exhausted.


Ninie’s last day we headed to clark for her Air Asia flight back to Malaysia, before that we manage to stop by Resort world and check around for a while. Our journey to Clark went smooth, I prefer clark much better than Manila its so green and beautiful not packed no traffic just pretty. The problem was that we wanted to have lunch in clark but ended up hard finding a nice place to eat. We were craving for Mang Inasal, so we had to drive out of the main airport area to the main/packed city of Clark. And finally after 30 min in search of food we found our cravings! Mang Inasal is probably the best food ever!!!! and yea we love spicy food, chilli is a must for us  later after lunch drop ninie back to Airport said goodbye, surely a sad one but things will get better anyways J but it was a comforting feeling to have someone visit you from far distance and we know for sure our friendship just grew stronger and stronger, love you girl thanks for the effort, time and support.


One thought on “Mabuhay Philippines | Bestfriend visit!

  1. ninie

    love love love this………..seriously hunn, ure the best…beyond words. i had such a great time. i love the idea of exploring a new foreign country with u. the quest of finding that buko shake and mang inasal. i will never forget this. one of the best experiences in my life. and to spend it with my bestfriend? its like going for honeymoon with my soulmate, which u will always be. love u till jannah. ninie

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