Pacitan Beach (Klayar)

ImageHave you ever heard about the flute sea? A 10 meter high water spurting up and blows like a bamboo flute? All that is found in Klayar beach located in Pacitan regency, East Java province. For those who never heard of the city Pacitan, it’s actually only 3.5 hours drive from Yogyakarta, if you are traveling over land from Yogyakarta, I would definitely recommend you to visit Pacitan city and explore its fascinating areas.

Pacitan is a city that offers true beauty of beach and coastal caves, truly a hidden gem for nature travelers and known for surfer’s Mecca this is because of it’s geographical feature, mountainous and rocky canyon. As we all know Pacitan is located in the back east of Thousand Mountains that are stretched along the island Java. You will find many white sandy beach like Terreng Ria beach, Srau beach, Watu Karang beach and Sidumolya beach. Most of these beaches are great for surfers, their distance are 30min to 1hour drive apart. 

There is one particular beach that takes my breath away and that’s Klayar beach never thought of seeing such perfect combination of white sand, blue sea, blasting waves, coral reef and big limestone cliffs all together in one place. This is truly spectacular scenery; you can just sit in the beach with coconut drink and enjoy the sound of the blasting waves and fresh breeze.

Klayar beach is located in Donorojo district 1 hour from Pacitan can be accessed by road, when you reach this area, you are welcomed by a breathtaking view from a hill as you drive downwards towards the parking space you will be amazed by this virgin beach, you can hear the sound of the restless waves. You will see on the left side some loca’sl opening some food stalls an. As you walk further in you will find a lot of distinctive karst stone, when climbing these rocks and hills, be careful the rocks can be slippery due to the lichen in the rocks. When you stand on these cliffs and rocks you will see a water fountain this is the unique feature that makes it different from the other beach in Pacitan, the water fountain occurs because the air pressure at sea wave hits the hollow rocks, so water will be depressed to the top and form a fountain. The height of this fountain can reach up to approximately 10 meters and can produce sea water dew and drizzle.

Pacitan offers 2/3star hotel and motel some in the city and a few near the beach area you can browse You will not find any 4-5 star hotel there, only small hotels but convenient and safe, with budget price. I would highly recommend you travelers, who love to explore the true adventure in the Island of Java.


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