My Own Self-Motivation mental model

When I was studying back in Manila, I remember our professor ask us to create a mental model, he said those that are able to create or formulate a mental model of all the things he or she learned the whole semester will pass. Speaking of mental model, me myself never even creates such mental model, but after understanding the whole purpose of it, I became more interested in it and so I formulated my own self-motivation mental model based on my understanding and own experience, I call this the 2P Motivational formula.


The above self-motivational model ( the 2P’s model)  explains that for a person to create and attract motivations first must starts from within themselves, each one of us must have a reason, purpose or a goal in our life’s it could be personal goal’s, career goals even love goals depending on what situation and conditions you are wanting to be self-motivated. The basis of motivation starts from two basic thing which are Passion & Positive mindset your goals that you’ve created in order to reach them you need motivation and where can you develop stronger motivations. These are through two parts of your body which is your heart (passion) and your brain (positive mindset), and each part of these body organ consist of many several factors.

1.Heart (Passion)

Motivation is driven when we are dedicated to the things you are about to do, and these things have to be something that you love and interest you the most, and of course with help of spiritual strength are you able to create this power within yourself, the power of passion that stimulates motivation in your life.

2.Brain (Positive mindset)

Start by imagining positive self-image of yourself or what you want to become and the outcome of your hardwork, positive mindset is very important it gives courage to your heart (passion) by thinking positively and being optimist you are able to make the right decisions in life and are directed with Intelligence and knowledge that you are gifted with towards the goal you are aiming.

And these two should be able to work together, your heart must agree with your mind and your mind must follow your heart, there should not be a clash or a misconception between the two, only when the two are working together and are they functioning well, that’s when they’ve became great partners 🙂


Love medicine (the true ingredient for true love

Love doesn’t need your attention, it seek its own attention meaning feelings will automatically grow by itself so don’t force yourself dear, it’s such a dramatic feeling it will take you miles away from the reality. Love cannot be forced or detected, it usually appear during unexpected time and place and sometimes with a surprising person.

Prepare yourself before saying “yes” or “I do” in everything, good news or bad news there is always a hurt and painful feeling in between, a true love. Because you are learning from each other’s weaknesses and accept them.

True love will do more sacrifices for something that will make you happier, it will make you feel the only species in this big world, because the way it make you feel “ special in every way”

True love doesn’t complain the way you appear, your background, race, religion, age or financial background it sees only through your eyes and the beauty of it, and of course the person you are today meaning accepting the way you are.

Real love doesn’t like to rush over things, it is very careful and caring and like taking things slowly but surely, appreciate every little thing that you’ve done and are not demanding.

True love is romantic, passionate and dedication it never takes it eyes to someone else but you, because you stole his/her heart and now it belongs to you.

7 Must see spots in Kota Kinabalu

I can’t believe I forgot writing about Kota Kinabalu! sorry for the late post, This is my 2nd time traveling to KK the first one was in during Lebaran Eidul Fitri, this time i’m going with my school friends, this was suppose to be the ultimate adventure once in a lifetime experience trekking Mount Kinabalu however from 6 person confirmed down to 3 and sadly ever since the earthquake the trekking routes were damaged and closed for renovation arghh!.but anyhow tickets were already bought so here I go again hoping to find more interesting places to see in KK (stay positive…yayy!)

For those who doesn’t know, if you are traveling from Jakarta there are a direct flight from Jakarta to KK with Air Asia (notes that flights are not everyday saturday,tuesday and thursday) and are mostly night flights so you’ll probably arrived there during midnight lol! don’t forget to eat something before boarding, or at least bring some snack or bread

Our aim to travel to Kinabalu again…as I explained earlier is its heroic mountain, known to be the tallest mountain in South east Asia, and part of the 7 summit around the world its height is 4,096 m. Sadly due to the earthquake that occurred earlier the trek was damaged and closed for renovation. But all that sadness dissapeared after we dsicovered hey there are so much to see in the city itself and oh yaa…Island hopping never tried that one…but it turned out to be amazing!.

Here are the 7 best places to visit Kota Kinabalu – Sabah

  1. Mount Kinabalu – Of course no doubt! the most epic mountain I’ve seen so far in my life,  if you travel by car from KK it takes approximately around 2-4 hours ride you will stop by a souvenir shops many times just to get amazing photos, better to travel in the morning, this is if you are not really, if you are then I would recommend you to stay overnight in Kota Kinabalu national park, I would recommend sightseeing around the Mount Kinabalu, the journey is an adventure itself, other than  beautiful places to take pictures, you can also visit other places too such as Desa Cattle Dairy Farm (yogurt,ice cream, milk)




2. Tanjung Aru– perfect for sunset located just opposite Shangrila and very near to the airport ( you can see this while boarding the plane, or if you;re in the beach you, see the plane landing


My feet playing with sand and water

3. Masjid Bandaraya – beautiful architecture, best to visit during the day, bring umbrella if it gets too hot!


4. Atkinson Clock Tower – Just a clock! lol


5. Signal Hill – best place for photography, relaxing the view and eat ice cream 😀


6. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park – This is a place where you can go Island hopping it opens from 08:30-17:00 takes you around 15-20 min ride only, if you are spending there for a day trip then 2 or 3 islands is enough you spend around 2-3 hours on each Island again it depends how many Island and what Islands you are visiting.

Starting point would be from Jessleton point Kota Kinabalu. here are the list of Island tours you can select

Manukan Island : Adult RM23, Child RM 18
Mamutik Island : Adult  RM23, Child RM18
Sapi Island : Adult  RM23, Child RM18
Sulug Island : Adult RM23, Child RM18
Two island hops : Adult RM33, Child RM28
Three island hops : Adult RM43, Child RM38
Four island hops : Adult RM53, Child RM48



7. Treetop Canopy Walk (Poring) – This area is located next to Poring hot springs, first time trying this and freaking scared! lol but its so much fun no pictures were allowed, well you have to pay for permission so only one camera allowed, so me and my friends take turns in taking photos! The canopy is over 175 Meters long and 41-43 Meters in height, well for those who are afraid of height wont recommend this unless you are like me, scared but curious! just try not to look down 😀

The entrance fee of Canopy Walkway is RM3 (≈USD0.90) for Malaysian adult, RM5 (≈USD1.50) for foreigner. Add another RM5 (≈USD1.50) camera fee if you bring a camera with you



Time flies, I can’t believe its been more than a year I haven’t been writing much here does this means i’m too busy to even express myself anymore?… well not really I just lost that motivation of writing combined with my busy schedule of working, I decided to try and reactivate myself again.

It’s a new year hopes and travel plans are ahead, so let’s start fresh and continue what I’ve always loved to do writing, photography and traveling 🙂

Waterfalls in Sukabumi

The only thing that drives me to travel outside Jakarta is curiosity and peacefulness from all the hectic life in town, this time my journey takes me to Sukabumi, I decided to do my solo traveling, starting from Depok Lama I used the KRL commuter line train heading to Bogor (Rp 7000) after arriving to Bogor stasiun, I had to walk out and cross the street to transfer to another station in Bogor called Stasiun Paledang, wasnt hard to find as long as you cross the street you see a KFC just go straight ahead then you see an orange writing of the stasiun name. Luckily I was there on time since the train KA Pangrango only leaves 3 times a day the earliest is at 7:55am in the morning after having my breakfast I bought the economy ac only Rp 20,000, the executive one is 50,000. It took 2 hours from Bogor to Sukabumi, short trip and very comfortable train. My first Journey was to visit Curug Sawer and Situ Gunung known to be some of the attraction in Sukabumi. Heading to Curug Sawer took me an hour and another hour for short trek into the forest.

As you can see the waterfalls picture below